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Advancing esports performance with proven sport psychology methods.

AEP Partner Malmö FF

Developing Sweden’s premier sport organization’s esports wing & creating a nationwide learning platform

Bridging the physical and virtual gap, we showcased how sports psychology can enhance athletes’ performance & well-being

AEP Partner Esports Research Network

Exploring the social and digital aspects of esports as part of a vast network of worldwide researchers

AEP Partner Dreamhack

Supporting gamers and stakeholders to excel in esports and life at the world’s largest gaming and esports festival

AEP Partner Riot Games

Guiding the League of Legends community with esports psychology at Riot Games’ LEC championship events


Empowering young gamers with esports psychology and preventing radicalization in a research project

How do I benefit from Esport Psychology?

Mindset and Emotion Mastery

Cope with stress, boost your confidence, and control your emotions with our evidence based exercises.

Skill and Strategy Optimization

Optimize your match and training routines, overcome performance slumps, and enhance your well-being.

Competitive Edge and Success

Gain a competitive edge over your opponents, increase your chances of winning, and achieve your esports dreams with our professional support.

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AEP Joar and Raul at LEC Finals 2022 Malmö, Sweden holding an lecture at the open community stage about how to play like a pro. Photo Courtesy Riot Games

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